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Are you in need of a deep tissue massage? Or need an acupressure massage? Renewal Integrated Massage can help! Each session is tailored to you and we can focus on easing any aches or pains you might be experiencing, improving your flexibility and pain free range of motion or helping to create a wonderful state of relaxation. Read more about me. The services I offer are:

  • Pre/Post Natal Massage
  • EFT
  • Emotional Relief
  • Soft And Deep Tissue Massage
  • Acupressure Massage
  • Integrated Massage
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Renewal Massage Therapy
  • Pain And Stress Relief Massage
  • Pain Management Massage
Treat yourself to an unforgettable massage experience. Contact:
Renewal Integrated Massage
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Absolutely great!

Very soothing and relaxing, I didn't want it to end! I will definitely be back for more. Highly recommended!!

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the essence of massageI will provide you with the space to relax & enjoy yourself, away from your everyday routine & ever increasing frantic lifestyle, while also completing the necessary treatments to look after your body. Renewal Integrated Massage is a special place where your every need will be met, your body invigorated, your mind rested and your spirit restored. You will find tranquility, peace and a sense of renewal.

Renewal Integrated Massage offers a variety of massage services crafted specifically for you, infused with local products and ancient tradition. Through our services you will find multiple paths into an unparalleled state of healthy indulgence. Enjoy a relaxing acupressure massage, a revitalizing deep tissue massage, a pain relief therapy or renewing couple massages. As a professional massage therapist, I’m here to make your visit one to remember.

Beyond the physical experience, a massage can result in emotional and spiritual healing at a higher level. Clients find it warm and soothing, a sensation of being nurtured. You will emerge feeling totally refreshed and peaceful. A one-of-a-kind experience in deep physical therapeutic massage, the massage therapy is perfect for reducing stress and feeling rejuvenated – in every way possible.

CALL TODAY! (650) 494-0660

I recognize the importance of caring for our clients well being. My focus is providing special massage care and acupressure. The massages are designed to give you a blissful experience of endless pampering to nourish the mind and body. Surrender to total relaxation and rejuvenate your soul with one of my special massages.